Second Opinion, as the name suggest, it is a mobile application to get a second opinion from a doctor via phone or video call. It is a paid service where you can get a first-rate second opinion from an expertise precisely.

This second opinion consultation service is owned and operated by MyWedjat ( To define it in very simple words, we are trying to bridge the gap between the best doctors in India and patients.

We have empowered the application with premier doctors by organizing them according to city and specialty. With a help of your smart phone and our app, you can able to get a second opinion from an expert in your preferred time on your preferred place. Also, like an utter face to face meet, doctor will diagnose your report from your uploaded documents which will enable them to provide a remarkable second opinion.


How we drafted the app to get your second opinion?

We have classified the process of booking appointment by two major categories – Sorting by Location and Sorting by Specialist.

  • After you download the application, you need to create a profile by providing basic mandatory information such as Name, Address, gender, Date of Birth, Email id, Username and Password.
  • Following it, you will get a dashboard with five different sections namely – Search by Specialty, Search by City, Upload your reports, Book an Appointment and Contact Us.


Search by Specialty

This option will list all the vital requisite verticals. By clicking your necessary field, you be able to view all the specialists. Select anyone from the list and book an appointment with your favored physician.

Upload your reports

In this health vault, you can upload your scan or medical reports from your previous doctor. With this, the second opinion doctor will diagnose you with updated reports for better results.

Search by City

This option will index all the specialists based on their city. So, you have to select your city to see all the specialists to book an appointment.

Book an Appointment

It’s a direct call for the appointment. You have to provide City, specialty, Doctor’s Name, Appointment Date and Time.